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About the Arts & Culture Center

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The Outdoor Square

Outdoor Plaza

The Plaza at the front of the Center is the perfect place for leisure and recreation, and is open to the public on a daily basis with ample space for children to play. As well as the beautiful Plaza, the garden is a great place for people to gather for a catch-up and a chat, especially at night when the area is beautifully lit creating a wonderful ambiance. Outdoor exhibitions and performances are held here on holidays for the public to enjoy wonderful culture, art and activities.

The information desk

Information Desk

When you walk into the Center, in front of you is a high patio area with semicircular arches on either side of the hall. The Information Desk is just to the left. The staff will be more than happy to address any queries you may have. There is also an open catalog stand providing information about cultural and artistic events in Xinzhuang, and information on exhibitions and performances in other counties and cities further afield. On the right is the Leisure and Recreation Area for the general public.

The Art Hall

The Art Hall on 1F is divided into Hall A and Hall B, each about 50 pings in size, and boasting a wonderful open space with wooden flooring and white walls, suitable for all kinds of exhibitions. The diverse and rich display of cultural relics and art exhibits showcase the art of Xinzhuang.

The Performing Hall

The stage in the Performance Hall is a classic proscenium stage, with a frame 17.83m high x 17.8m wide and 17.4m deep x 17.8m wide. The breadth and depth of the stage is far superior to most local cultural centers. The Performance Hall is also well equipped with lighting, stereos and other hardware equipment. It hosts more than a hundred performances every year as a multipurpose performance space. The complete interior of the auditorium was renovated in 2010, including the ceiling, walls and floor. Standing three stories high, the auditorium contains 627 seats and eight accessible seats. The wood-colored seats, cameo brown chair cloth, wooden acoustic devices and gray carpet all form part of this classic and magnificent auditorium. Backstage for performers there are ample dressing rooms, restrooms, rehearsal rooms and other spaces.

The Periodical Room

The Periodical Reading Room on 2F is a good place for the general public to read at their leisure and soak up an abundance of information. The room currently houses an almost 7000-book collection for in-library use mainly comprising periodicals of culture and art and Taiwan studies. There is also a children’s book area. The Periodical Reading Room was developed in a “small yet beautiful” exquisite style.

The Reading Room

In a quiet and tranquil atmosphere, the Reading Room is an excellent place for the general public to read and study.

Xinzhuang Glove Puppetry Museum

Glove puppetry is a feature of the diverse culture in Xinzhuang. Years ago, tens of glove puppetry troupes were on the streets in Xinzhuang. They were not only deeply rooted in the life of the people of Xinzhuang, but earned a reputation of “gathering crowds for Beiguan glove puppetry”. To encourage the locals to identify with this part of their own culture and preserve their precious cultural heritage, the Xinzhuang Glove Puppetry Museum was officially opened on May 22, 2004. It acquaints people with puppetry in Xinzhuang and Taiwan and has solidified the long and wonderful future of preservation, inheritance and promotion of traditional arts.