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Getting to know the Center

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Xinzhuang Culture and Arts Center is established with an aim to implement community cultural construction, build a sense of community among citizens as well as improve citizens’ living quality. Its preparation works started in 1990, and the staff spent two years – 1991 and 1992 – to observe features of different city and county cultural centers in order to decide on its features and goals before beginning construction.  The center was open to the public on November, 11th, 2005. It took 1 year and 10 months to complete with a total cost of over 300 million dollars.


Xinzhuang Culture & Arts Center is the first township-level arts center in Taiwan.  Originally under the supervision of Xinzhuang Township Office of Taipei County, now with Taipei County being reformed to “New Taipei City” on December-25th -2010, it is now under the supervision of the Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City. The Xinzhuang Culture and Arts Center is located in the land designed for “Kuangba” Park with a building area of 2791 square meters.   The façade of the center is built mainly with red bricks paired with light blue and light gray bricks. Its style is both square and round with a perfect combination of the inner parts and outer parts.  It is indeed the red hot passion within this big city. The building has 3 above-ground levels and 1 underground level.  The space is divided into an outdoor square, a performing hall, an art room, a periodical room, a reading room, a hand puppet hall and a collection room.  Its multi-functional and diverse space design allows for infinite extensions of arts and cultures.