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About the Arts & Culture Center

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The Outdoor Square

The square in front of the Arts and Culture Center is a good place for citizens to rest. The spacious area is ideal for children to play. In addition to the beautiful landscape in the square, the flower platform is a perfect place for people to get together, especially when it is dark and under the showering of the light, the atmosphere is just super! On holidays, outdoor performances, family games and demonstrations of art-creation are held from time to time providing artistic feasts for art lovers. The center encourages citizens to participate personally for a more fulfilling leisure life.

The information desk and gift shop

After entering the Arts & Cultural Center, the first thing you see is the high-raised patio. The information desk and the gift shop are on both sides of the lobby, both with a half-arch design. The information desk is on the left, with people there to serve and answer visitors questions regarding arts and performances. An open-style catalogue stand is set-up for providing the local art information of Xinzhuang as well as art information of other cities and counties. On the right of the lobby is the gift shop where the publications published by the center throughout the years and art and culture related books are for sale. The shop also provides ticketing service for various performances.

The Art Hall

The Art Hall on the ground floor is divided into A and B Halls with roughly 50 pings each and open space style with clear traffic flow. The marble floor and the white walls construct a pleasant space for art appreciation and exhibition. Diverse exhibitions of artifacts and artworks have indeed infused energetic artistic power to the Xinzhuang area

The Performing Hall

The Performing Hall has a typical proscenium stage with the proscenium of 17.83M in height x 17.8M in width and 17.5M in depth x 17.8M in width. The width and the vertical depth of its stage is deeper than most of other local culture centers. Its lighting and audio equipments are well-equipped and more than 100 performances have been held annually. It is indeed a multi-functional performing hall. The audience seats went under major renovation in 2010 with major improvements being done to the ceiling, walls and the floor. The audio seat area includes 3 floors with a total of 641 seats and 4 seats for the disabled. The natural wood color seats are covered by red-bean color cloth; wood-style sound effect boxes and grey carpet provide a spacious view, both elegant and magnificent. In addition, the hall is equipped with lounges, restrooms, rehearsal rooms…etc., providing performing groups and audience a more comfortable environment.

The Periodical Room

The Periodical Room on the 2nd floor provides a space for citizens to check for information as well as reading. The room provides 18 newspapers, over 100 different kinds of magazines including magazines related to 9 different subjects: family/leisure, science/technology, design, arts, history & geography, literature, social/education, local communities, finance/news as well as complete newspaper clippings of 14 different categories. Citizens may find specific news according to the order of year and month. Currently, the Periodical Room has a book collection of close to 7000 volumes and reading indoors and copying services in the house are also provided to the public. Because it is inside an arts & culture center, most of its collections are focused on “Cultures and Arts” and “Research on Taiwan”. There is also a children’s reading area. The goal is to run the Periodical Room with different “small yet good” and “small yet detailed” themed areas.

The Reading Room

The reading room has approximate 180 seats. It is secluded and quiet, providing citizens a place for reading and studying.

The Xinzhuang Hand Puppet Hall

Hand Puppets are a part of Xinzhuang’s multi-culture. Back in the early days, the streets of Xinzhuang were once occupied by dozens of hand puppet groups most of the time. Besides it was so close to the daily life of people in Xinzhuang, it has earned Xinxhang a reputation of “The center of Bei-Guan Hand Puppet Shows”. In order to encourage locals to recognize their own culture as well as preserving this precious cultural heritage, “The Xinzhuang Hand Puppet Museum” was open to the public on May 22nd, 2004. The establishment of the museum has provided citizens a chance to get to know the hand puppets in Xinzhuang as well as hand puppets throughout Taiwan. Hopefully, through exhibiting features of various hand puppet groups as well as presenting the preciousness of the traditional artisans and the creativity of the new generation groups, traditional arts are thus preserved, and a lasting and beautiful future created for passing on and promoting such traditional art.